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Huawei Caught Faking DSLR images as Smartphone Pictures in Huawei Nove 3i Commercial

Tuesday, July 14 2020

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It seems coque de samsung note 2 that Huawei has not learnt a lesson and has again made the same mistake intentionally. Once again Huawei is under scrutiny forFaking DSLR images as Smartphone Picture in Huawei Nove 3i Commercial.

Huawei Nove 3i Commercial: Faking People coque samsung s8 kwmobile for DSLR images as Nova 3i ShotThe tech giant, Huawei is in coque samsung s7 folio heat once again as Huawei shows coque avec tout les mangas samsung s7 certain pictures in Nove 3i commercial to be taken by the device however behind the scenes photo proves that not the case. The video of the commercial is coque s7 samsung integrale coque huawei mate 30 seconds long which showsscenes in which the subjects snap photos using various built in camera features, including beauty, HDR and AI modes.

Here theHuawei Nove 3i Commercial:

There isn mentioned in commercial that coque samsung s7 poilu the images are captured with Huawei smartphonebut it is obvious from the plot that they want everyone to believe it. However for an evidence, above image clearly shows thatactor was holding his hand out to make it appear coque samsung s6 batman as though he holding a phone when in reality the coque turquie samsung galaxy s8 plus scene was being shot with a Canon DSLR.

This image was uploaded by Sarah Elshamy, an actress in the advert on her Instagram. She abruptly deleted it ( maybe someone from Huawei asked her to do coque pour samsung galaxy s6 rose golde so).

Huawei is very good for leaving a room for leniency as they have not mentioned in the advert that the images were taken from Huawei Nove 3i. However, they have also0 not mentioned coque samsung j6 that images are shot by DSLR. In coque samsung s7 Short, it is very disappointing to know that a smartphone giant can mislead their coque samsung j4 customers with such worst advert. She likes photography, VR, electronic music, coffee, and baking.

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