Inquiry told long hours harming doctors health in « cruel and illegal ways »

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Inquiry told long hours harming doctors health in « cruel and illegal ways ».

He said: « I am a member of this profession, and I do what I do because the state’s interest is clear.

« As far as the public interest is concerned it is for them to know the precise facts before they vote for what this profession is about. »


It is understood that Lord Leveson had been warned of the potential im우리카지노pact the disclosure could have on patients, particularly those who have been treated without a warrant.

Image caption Lord Leveson’s statement is believed to have been read out at an emergency department in St Martin’s Street

His intervention comes on top of earlier concerns over the government’s use of whistleblowers within the criminal justice system, the BBC understands.

One senior police officer told the BBC earlier this year: « When Lord Leveson has sat in on an investigation to get to the truth there is a possibility that it could impact on how people are being brought to justice. »

It is understood the government believes it has the powers to use their judicial oversight po우리카지노wers in this manner – though a senior defence source did not comment on the possibility.

Sir Robert said: « I fully support the efforts of the authorities. It is the right thing to do as far as it is not contrary to the interests of the public. »

A spokesman for Lord Leveson dismissed the latest claims as « a pathetic, desperate attempt by some ill-informed jourjarvees.comnalists to divert attention from their increasingly desperate efforts to obstruct the Government’s investigation of the police’s failings ».

« The public is entitled to rely on what they see in their newspapers, television and radio news bulletins, and we stand ready to investigate all claims of wrongdoing, » the spokesman said.