Cctv footage shows explosion at ravenshoe cafe, but police say it’s not suspicious

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Cctv footage shows explosion at ravenshoe cafe, but police say it’s not suspicious

The video released on Saturday has prompted calls to the media that the cafe is a target for an attack and also questions the motives of those behind it.

In a statement issued 더킹카지노at 6:53 a.m. local time on Saturday, the owner of the ravenshoe cafe, Rami Ismail, said he received news of the shooting at 2 p.m.

He identified three suspects as Ismail, his brother Muzaffar and his friend Farooq.

It’s believed the four suspects are associated with ISIS.

Ismail and his brother, he said, are friends who had never met, only knew each other through internet conversations. He said they have « always been good friends. »

As police officers patrol the area around the cafe they come face to face with Ismail and his brother, he said.더킹카지노

The fourth man, an바카라사이트 individual in his 40s, was not identified and was standing on the right side of the lane. His identity is still unknown.

Police have confirmed Ismail, his brother and their friend were in the café when they heard the shooting.

« All were shocked. They were crying, » he said. « I heard them crying. I couldn’t even hear them. »

Ismail said he did not have any guns. He was unharmed by the incident.

« As long as they live, I have no problem. Whatever people do, I’ll do, » he told reporters.

Ishmail said the police and community are already holding back on security but he wants to remind people to stay away.

A memorial for the victims will be held on Saturday afternoon at Ravenshoe cafe in Waltham, the town where the cafe is located.

A large memorial was set up at The Crescent, just south of the cafe. The sign reading: ‘Rest in Peace to the ravenshoe victims’ has been posted on its wall.

Boston Police said the suspect, Ismail Ismail, was seen in the video with a friend in the ravenshoe, holding a pistol. According to police, he had an address in Cambridge, but when they were called, no information indicated that he had a criminal record.

One security guard at Ravenshoe’s cafe told the Boston Herald his team had been called by employees when one customer told security to check every seat against his or her background.

Ismail was no